3rd largest Jackpot in US history won by Powerball player

Powerball history was written past month in Wisconsin. A very lucky player living in this state has won the 3rd largest Jackpot in US history! His or her single ticket was worth an incredible 768.4 million dollars. The lucky numbers were 16, 20, 37, 44, 62 and Powerball number 12. It’s a great story that has attracted a lot of American press. This Jackpot increased in value after the last Powerball win on December 26, 2018.

Annuity or lump sum payment
The big win took place on a Wednesday, a day that the winner will never ever forget. The numbers on the ticket matched with those that appeared during the draw. Although the official prize is worth 768.4 million dollars, the exact amount of money depends on the type of payment. With the so-called ‘annuity’ option the winner will receive 768.4 million dollars over the next 29 years, whereas a direct ‘lump sum’ payment means that 477 million dollars will be deposited immediately.

Do taxes have to be paid?
Revenue Department Secretary Peter Barca told the press that taxes have to be paid over both amounts of money. The state of Wisconsin is expected to receive 38 million dollars. In total about 60 percent of all lottery sales in Wisconsin is distributed as a prize. Tax credits for homeowners are supported by 28 percent of the sales.

Who is the winner?
According to the Wisconsin State Law, lottery winners can’t stay anonymous. At he moment, no one knows the identity of the winner. Some other details are known though, including the place where the winning ticket was sold: the Speedway in New Berlin. This shop will receive 100.000 dollars because they sold the winning ticket.

What things can you do with so much money?
768.4 million dollars is probably more money than you can ever imagine. Who knows if you’re going to be the next winner! Did you know that with this amount of money you can buy the most expensive car in the world 39 times? It’s the Bugatti La Voiture Noire, you should definitely look it up.  Even if you were not lucky enough to win the Jackpot, you can still win a great prize. Lotteries recommend players to check their tickets after a draw so that they can claim a prize on time.

Many more prizes
The Wednesday draw of Powerball attracts a lot of attention. According to information from the Multi-State Lottery Association, before the historic draw more than 5.4 million tickets won a prize. Some of them were worth 4 dollars, others even 1 or 2 million. In total seven tickets had five matching white balls without the Powerball. Players with one of these tickets won 1 million dollar each. Those who had five matching white balls ánd the so-called Power Play Option, which costs only 1 dollar, doubled their prize to 2 million dollars.

3rd largest Jackpot in US history won by Powerball player

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