70-year old resident from Wayne County wins Lotto 47 Jackpot

In Wayne County in Michigan now lives a new millionaire. A 70-year resident recently won 1.3 million dollars in Lotto 47. The USA Jackpot hit took place on a Saturday. The funny thing is that the man initially thought that he had written down the wrong numbers! He simply couldn’t believe his eyes when the numbers matched with those from the Jackpot.

Checking the numbers Lotto 47

The lucky winner probably had the best weekend of his life. He won more than a million dollars with the numbers 09,23,38,35,41 and 45. When the winner saw the matching numbers he asked his wife to go to the store to get a printout. Just a few days ago he had bought his ticket at the Mobil Gas Station in Dearnborn Heights. The numbers on his ticket really matched with the printout, and at that moment the man realized he had become a millionaire in an instant.

Second Jackpot hit in one month
The new millionaire from Wayne Country went to the lottery headquarters a few days after his win, on Wednesday. Since he’s alreay 70, he decided to go for the lump sump payment and received 825.000 dollars. Lotto 47 has made a lot of people happy recently. A month ago a 33-year old man from Washtenaw County won the Lotto 47 Jackpoty of 19 million dollars!

70-year old resident from Wayne County wins Lotto 47 Jackpot

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