American wins lottery with email that was in spam box

The American won three million dollars in the Michigan lottery. The American Laura Spears was looking for an email that had disappeared without a trace and also checked the spam box, just to be sure. That turned out to be a good idea. Among all the junk mail she found an uplifting message: she had won three million dollars (2.65 million euros).

Laura Spears saw through an ad on Facebook that the winning lottery ticket in the U.S. state of Michigan was steadily increasing in value. “I logged on and decided to buy a ticket,” Spears says in a statement released by the lottery.

“A few days later I was looking for an email that I should have received from someone, but couldn’t find anywhere. I checked the spam box and saw an email there that I had won the lottery,” Spears says.

She says she is still “shocked” that she walked away with the prize. The 55-year-old is retiring early and sharing the prize money with her family members.

In the statement, she says she has added the lottery to her list of safe senders “in case she wins another huge prize

American wins lottery with email that was in spam box

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