Engineer from New York wins 105 million dollars, might go back to work

Recently Mega Millions definitely lived up to its name. Past September it made an electrical engineer from New York a mega millionaire! A 58-year old man named Wayne Harris is the lucky man. He probably never thought that the six numbers on his lottery ticket would match with those that appeared during the draw. However, it did happen and he won the incredible Jackpot of 105 million dollars!

Donations from the New York Lottery

A while back Harris decided to purchase a lottery ticket at the Mirabito Convenience Store at 7073 Route 281 in Preble. Perhaps he was aware of the fact that the New York Lottery is one of the most profitable lotteries in the United States and that it donates a lot of money to charities. For example, it supports educational organizations in the state of New York. Actually, the contributions of the New York Lottery are about 14 percent of the total state education aid. Local school districts receive the money to improve their education. The money is divided with the help of a special system that looks into the size of the school district and the income level. Especially lower-income school districts receive a large promotion of funding from the lottery. It is definitely a lot of money. In the year 2016-2017 the New York Lottery gave 11,110,641 dollars to school districts.

Reaction from the new mega millionaire
Wayne Harris choose the best numbers of his life himself. The new mega millionaire told the press that the picked the numbers in a completely random way. The lucky winner appeared to be laid-back and a bit stoic. He was still in shock by the win and told the press that it hasn’t sunk in that he has a lot of money now. It appears that Harris is quite a down-to-earth guy. He realizes how lucky he is though. He advises other lottery players to just put some money in and try. You never know if you’re going to be lucky, Harris tells.

Matching numbers

Wayne Harris will definitely have a different life from now on. Harris has been living together with his father in the same house until now. Of course one of the first people he told about the win was his father, who was sleeping back then. He woke his father up and told the great news. The six numbers that appeared during the draw matched with those on his ticket, an unbelievable moment. The winning numbers were 05,39,54,63,66 and Mega Ball 15.

Back to work
The lucky winner will receive a lump sump payment of 66,455,696 dollars, which is about 43,980,380 pounds. It means that he receives the money immediately instead of 105 million in 30 payments each year. Harris does not know what he is going to do with the money immediately. He did not expect to become rich anyway. He might even go back to his work as a general contractor if he gets bored, the now very rich guy told!

Engineer from New York wins 105 million dollars, might go back to work

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