Jersey Cash 5 Lottery

In the United States you can participate in hundreds of lotteries. Most of the time they’re organized by the states themselves. One of the best lotteries is the Jersey Cash 5 Lottery. It’s very popular, because it organizes exciting draws every week. Thanks to the website of TheLotter people from abroad can purchase tickets for the Jersey Cash 5 lottery as well.

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Jersey Cash 5 Lottery

The Jersey Cash Lottery was established 25 years ago, in September 1992. Over the years some things changed. For example, since 2001 a lottery draw takes place every day. So it comes as no surprise that the slogan of the lottery is “Anything Can Happen in Jersey”. You can win big in Jersey every day!

Simple rule
The basic rule of Jersey Cash 5 is quite simple. This makes it an exciting game that everyone can play. You have to choose five numbers out of a 1 to 43 range. If your numbers appear during the draw, you win a nice prize! You should definitely try, because the ticket prize is very low. You also benefit from a relatively high winning chance of 1:962,598.

Lucky month March

Jersey Cash 5 has three prize divisions and a Jackpot. The Jackpot starts with 75.000 dollars, which is about 68000 euros. The amount of money than you can win increases quickly if there’s no hit. A draw that took place at March 28, 2017 is a very good example of this. After just 5 rollovers, a very lucky person had 5 matching numbers on his or her lottery ticket, and won 859,866 dollars! March was definitely a good month to participate in this lottery. Just a few weeks earlier, two other players won the Jackpot more than 1 million dollars. They had to split the amount of 1,548,770 dollars, to be precisely.

Jackpot record

The Jackpot broke all the records in 2007 in the USA, when seven lucky winners won the top prize of 1,864,438 dollars! They had to split the win, but a lot of money was transferred to their bank accounts nevertheless. The largest solo winners in the history of Jersey Cash came from New Jersey actually. They were a couple, and won 1.5 million dollars!

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