Missouri Lottery

The lottery is an important part of Missouri. The Missouri Lottery is a state-run lottery established in 1985, known for offering a variety of games and contributing its proceeds to public education programs in Missouri. In the past 30 years, the Missouri Lottery has generated more than six billion dollars for the state! About 4 percent of the state’s funding for public education is coming from the annual profits of the Missouri Lottery.

Games Offered Missouri

Scratchers: These are instant-win games where players scratch off a coating on the ticket to reveal whether they’ve won a prize.

  • Draw Games: The Missouri Lottery offers several draw games, including:
  • Powerball: A multi-state, large-jackpot game.
  • Mega Millions: Another multi-state game with large jackpots.
  • Lotto: A Missouri-only draw game with a rolling jackpot.
  • Show Me Cash: A daily draw game with a rolling jackpot.
  • Pick 3 and Pick 4: Daily numbers games that allow players to choose their numbers and playstyle.
  • Club Keno: A game where drawings occur every four minutes.
  • Multi-State Games: In addition to Powerball and Mega Millions, the Missouri Lottery participates in other multi-state games.

Lottery Funds

A significant portion of the Missouri Lottery’s revenue is allocated to the state’s public education system. Funds go toward educational programs, including A+ Scholarships, Virtual Schools, Special Education, and more. It’s pretty impressive: last year the lottery donated more than 300 million dollars to all kinds of education programs.

The Missouri Lottery is a well-established part of Missouri’s funding for education, providing both entertainment and financial support to the state. It maintains a commitment to responsible gaming while offering a variety of games to engage the community.

Player Demographics and Participation:

  • The Missouri Lottery is popular among residents of the state, offering various games to suit different interests and budgets. Players must be 18 years or older to purchase lottery tickets.

Promotions and Responsible Gaming:

  • The Missouri Lottery occasionally runs special promotions and second-chance drawings.
  • They emphasize responsible gaming and provide resources for those with gambling problems.

Missouri Wins and Jackpots

Over the years, there have been several large jackpot winners from Missouri, especially in Powerball and Mega Millions.

Mobile App missouri

While tickets must be purchased at authorized retailers, the Missouri Lottery maintains an online presence for information. They also offer a mobile app for checking winning numbers and tickets.

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