Missouri Lottery

The lottery is an important part of Missouri. The first tickets were sold in 1986, and thousands of USA players have tried their luck since that moment. In the past 30 years, the Missouri Lottery has generated more than six billion dollars for the state! About 4 percent of the state’s funding for public education is coming from the annual profits of the Missouri Lottery. It’s pretty impressive: last year the lottery donated more than 300 million dollars to all kinds of education programs. Many A+ scholarships have been given to people because of this. It’s clear that the public education of Missouri absolutely benefits from the lottery ticket sales.

Players and retailers received billions of dollars since 1986

The Missouri Lottery cannot exist without its participants. They benefit as well, because in the last decades players have won more than 14 billion dollars in prize money. If a retailer sells a winning ticket he receives commission. In the past 30 years retailers received 1.35 billion dollars in total!

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