New record for 1,6 Billion lottery Jackpot of mega millions

Record-breaking: Resident of South Carolina wins 1.6 billion dollars at the Mega Millions! Do you think that winning the lottery is impossible? Not when you’re the person from South Carolina who bought the winning ticket of 1.6 billion dollars. Yes it’s true: he or she has now more than a billion dollars on the bank account! At the moment it hasn’t been announced yet if there are more winning tickets.

Historic USA Jackpot billion dollar win

A year ago the chance of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot was about 1:300.000.000. The winning odds became higher when the rules changed. Perhaps this led to a historic billion dollar win. The winner has definitely written history in South Carolina. He or she has the winning ticket with the numbers 5, 28, 62, 65 and 70 ánd the Mega Ball number 5. This combination appeared during the draw on Tuesday evening. The old record was 1,5 Billion on January 2016 at the Powerball lotto.

Record-breaking Jackpots
The big win shows why Mega Millions is so popular in the United States. If there’s no Jackpot hit for weeks, the main prize reaches record levels. A Mega Millions Jackpot hit did not take place since July, and as a result the main prize broke the world-record! The lucky winner from South Carolina does not become a billionaire immediately though. It depends on the type of pay-out he or she chooses, namely a lump-sump or annuity.

Lump-sump or annuity?
Lump-sump means that the winner receives a prize of 904 million dollars immediately. Many winners choose this option, since no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Annuity is an option as well, since 1.6 billion dollar will be received in the next 29 years. This might be a good option for young winners.

New record for 1,6 Billion lottery Jackpot of mega millions

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