New Yorker wins Powerball Jackpot of more than 240 million dollars

Recently a resident of Staten Island, New York probably screamed of joy. The life of Nandlall Mangal (42) changed forever when he won the Powerball jackpot of 245,6 million dollars during the draw of August 11, 2018.

A ticket of just six dollars

Throughout its history, Powerball has made a lot of people rich. Mangal is now one of them. Something he never expected when he bought his lottery tickets during grocery shopping. The lottery player was attracted by the Powerball Jackpots of more than 100 million dollars. He thought it was a good time to buy a Quick Pick ticket of 6 dollars, and he was absolutely right! The Stop & Shop on Hylan Boulevard sold the winning ticket to him.

Not even home
During the historic Powerball draw the million dollar ticket sat on the kitchen table. Mangal was not even home at that moment. He checked the website afterwards and discovered that the winning ticket was his. Speaking about a pleasant surprise! The winner told the press that he was ‘shocked’. He wants to relax now and see how everything goes. He might travel to Hawaii soon, because this always has been his dream.
Welcome to the millionaire club
The newest millionaire of Staten Island receives his prize as a lump-sump payment of 99.321.975 dollars, after withholdings. The money is part of The Sea and Sand Trust. Mangal is not the only New York Lottery player who has won a big prize this year. What’s more, he is actually the 91st person to win more than a million dollars in 2018! Will you be number 92?

Contributions from the New York Lottery
The New York Lottery is well-known in North-America, because it has some amazing prizes.
However, the lottery is not only good for its players. It also contributes a lot to education. It contributed 3.37 billion dollars to the state of New York in the fiscal year 2017-2018. This is about 13 percent of the total state education aid for local schools. In 2017-2018 several school districts throughout the five boroughs of New York received 1,337,283,719 dollars all together. The New York Lottery looks into the size and income level of a school, to calculate the exact amount it must receive. This means that larger and lower-income school usually receive larger shares of the lottery funding than smaller and higher-income NY schools.

New Yorker wins Powerball Jackpot of more than 240 million dollars

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