Powerball draw Nov. 8, 2022 of biggest jackpot ever delayed

American mega-jackpot trekking delays progress.

The Powerball lottery has set a world record for the highest prize — 1,9 Millions dollars — with a drawing delay currently unknown. It’s not clear when the drawing will occur; however, it’s likely to be delayed further.

The Powerball draw offers 48 lotteries. It’s drawn Monday, but one of the Powerball providers needs more time to process data before the drawing. Participants must hold onto their ticket until the event takes place during daytime local time. The pull always doesn’t take place on Mondays— participants are typically called to take part in the event.

Record jackpot 2,9 billion

The grand prize is extremely high because the jackpot hasn’t fallen since August 3rd. The chance to win the jackpot is stated to be 1 in 292.2 million according to the organization. A ticket costs $2 for a lot.

Powerball-winnaars can choose to receive one large payment or 29 smaller ones over a time span of 29 years. Players have the option to select which amount they would like to receive. Since the winning ticket holder can choose to cash in their winnings between 29 and 29 years, they can collect as much as 929 million dollars.

In 2016, the biggest lottery win in the United States was 1.58 billion dollars. The winning ticket was sold by Powerball. However, since three winners had to share the first place prize, this was the largest payout at the time.

Powerball draw Nov. 8, 2022 of biggest jackpot ever delayed

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