Powerball Jackpot rice to $480 Million

The Powerball prize is expected to rise to $480 million for Monday’s drawing im America.

The Powerball jackpot continues to grow each week as there were no tickets Saturday that fit all six numbers drawn. Tickets with only the red Powerball number 15 won $150, while those with the white Powerball 15 won $100. Tickets with other balls won $100 for 32, 37, 40, 58 and 62. Jackpot winning tickets have a cash value of $480 million and a total value of $242 million if sold to pay for the jackpot.

$13,935,000 was won through the sale of 985,016 tickets on Saturday. Five white balls were drawn for $1 million each; matching tickets sold out in Ohio and Texas. Almost every ticket sold on Saturday raised money.

While there were only a few jackpots during Double Play, Colorado sold $500,000 worth of tickets on Saturday night. This made it the only such jackpot in the game’s history. Currently, 14 U.S. lotteries offer Double Play; it costs $1 extra per game if you choose the Double Play option. Prizes between tickets are eligible to win the Double Play game. These tickets include on different draws such as the Powerball get-togethers. Instead of a rolling jackpot, the game offers $10 million as the top prize.

Powerball Jackpot rice to $480 Million

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