Wisconsin Lottery winner of 120 million dollar

A lucky Wisconsin Lottery champion claimed his $120 million ($95.4 million cash) Mega Millions jackpot on November 10. Mister Tongson was the champion from the big jackpot

Tongson’s ticket had the winning figures of 25, 28, 38, 59, 62 as well as the Mega Ball number 22. Choosing the money selection of roughly $95.4 million, Tongson needed home about $65.2 million after federal and condition taxes.

Tongson can be a regular Mega Millions player who pointed out, “Regardless of the way much spent, it takes merely one ticket to win. That’s what won it personally.” Tongson, who didn’t realize he won the jackpot until checking his ticket days following a drawing, quit his job which is making holiday plans for his winnings.

This win is Wisconsin’s first Mega Millions jackpot since Wisconsin debuted the game around the month of the month of january 31, 2010. Wisconsin has still had big Mega Millions winners though, with 64 $millions of winning tickets bought within the condition since 2010.

Wisconsin Lottery winner of 120 million dollar

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