Woman from Florida wins Powerball Jackpot of 396.9 million dollars

A Powerball Lottery player from Florida has gotten a ticket into the ‘millionaires club’. 61-year old Sheryll Goedert has won the Jackpot of 396.9 million dollars! So the lucky woman from Ocala will probably say goodbye to her job as managing member of Vacation Life LLC.

Lump-sum payment

Goedert will never forget the Powerball drawing of January 29, 2020. On that day she won almost 400 million dollars. The new millionaire has decided to receive her money in a lump-sum payment, which means a one-time payment of 376,558,034.09 dollars to be precisely.

Where was the winning ticket sold?

A 7-Eleven store at 4520 Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs sold the winning Quick Pick ticket. The retailer is incredibly happy with the good news, because he or she receives a bonus of 100.000 dollars. Just because the retailer sold the winning Powerball ticket!

The exciting Powerball drawings

The Powerball drawings are very exciting. They usually have a big Jackpot, so everyone wants to participate. More than 100 million dollars is no exception! The national drawings of Powerball can be watched live on television because they’re broadcasted on 17 carrier stations in the state of Florida. They’re filmed in the Florida art draw studio in Tallahassee.

Where can you check the winning numbers?

Perhaps you missed a draw on television. Don’t worry, because you can also view them on the website of the Florida website. The winning numbers are also available here. Or ask for information at retailers statewide or by phone, (850) 921-PLAY.

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